PP+PE isolation gown(Sterile / non-sterile)

‍⚕️BLUE GOWNS: Polypropylene gowns are intended to provide healthcare workers and patients with temporary clothing for a variety of settings. Quantity: 10 gowns. Not made with natural rubber latex. Ideal for exams, lab procedures, surgery, and more.


Surgical isolation gown for men & women to keep body & clothing from getting contaminated

This disposable hospital gown keeps body fluids away from your clothes and establishes adequate personal hygiene during medical procedures, labor, pregnancy, chemotherapy, treatment & patient care

Our protective gown is made from eco-friendly, light splash resistant, breathable & lightweight polypropylene material to prevent over heating and keep you fresh & cool

Disposable surgical gown with adjustable tie-back-closure for a snug fit to any wearer

Medical disposable gowns with elastic cuffs at the wrist for a secure fit & freedom of move

Comfortable to use for bed bound people, bedridden patients, elderly, sick or injured

Durable medical aprons for short term use & easy to dispose of

Keep these premium quality contact precautions gowns handy to wear over clothing, to ensure safety & cleanliness

Multi-purpose isolation gown is ideal to use in Clinics, Offices, Hospitals, Medical Institutions, Home/Ambulatory Care, Laboratories, Crime Scenes, Pharmaceutical, Science, Manufacturing, Tattoo, Microblading, Beauty & Spa, Food Processing, Painting

Great for emergency medical technicians, physicians, dentists, practitioners, police safety first responders, nursing assistants, public health workers, permanent makeup artists





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